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Art is an intuitive and spontaneous process for me. I explore many mediums while being in the moment, focusing on one layer at a time, building layer upon layer with mindfulness and patience. Creating art is my meditation, allowing me to delve into a state of flow and tranquillity. My textures are closely connected to the complexities of life, and I attempt to reflect the spiritual path that guides me. Through my pen work, I explore the tension between the soft flow and the strong energy of textures. The medium’s imperfections and unpredictability allow me to search for the possibility of revealing more than what is expected,

to offer a fresh perspective and a sense of mystery. In response to the rigid and sometimes harsh world we live in today, I strive to create art that makes viewers stop and think about life, its beauty, and its imperfections. My art reflects my inner attitude, focusing on things I can control rather than those I must accept. Ultimately, it is about healing, finding strength, and coming to peace with my mind, body, and soul. It reflects the power of art to transform our perceptions and emotions and to offer a glimpse of the beauty and mystery that lies beyond the surface of our lives.

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